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We Researched thousands of Supplements For You!

When you want to find the best supplement and you do a GOOGLE search for it, it’s not uncommon to find over 20 review websites recommending a different number 1 product, and sadly most of those websites are wrong or biased in some way. 

When there are so many different # 1 supplements being recommended it wastes your time and leaves you more confused than ever.

We consolidate the top recommended supplements from all those review websites for you, we compare them all, and then we use science and facts to find the 1 true winner!

Making Smarter Supplement Choices Just Got Easier

There’s so much misinformation and confusion around supplements that it’s become next to impossible for the average consumer to know what the best supplements are.

The fact of the matter is that there are millions of inferior supplements being sold daily!

The best supplements are ones we have researched for you

It's a Flawed Supplement Industry

When we started working in the supplement industry in 1993, a consumer only had a dozen options for a supplement. Back then, new companies where more focused on making their products better than their competitors because if they didn’t the wise retail owners just wouldn’t buy them.

Long before the internet, store owners were like the gate keepers and they kept the bad products from entering their stores.

Now, anyone can make a crappy low quality supplement, then market it heavily and then sell it on-line to unsuspecting consumers. There are no gate keepers on-line and it’s hard to determine the best supplements now.

That’s where we can HELP! We weed out all the crap and let you know what’s worth your money and what’s not.

Most Review Websites Don't Recommend The Best Supplement

Consumers can’t even rely on supplement review websites because many are recommending inferior products and expensive products. During our research we sometimes find over 50% of review websites recommending a different #1 product. We believe that sometimes almost 90% of review websites are recommending inferior products. I’m not surprised consumers are confused!

Never Rely On Consumer Reviews

Our research has showed us that over 50% of the time the best selling product with the most 4 and 5 star consumer reviews are not the best product available. Most of the time they’re simply the best marketed product! That’s why we do not recommend that you use consumer reviews to help you choose the best product. See a prime example here and ask yourself, would you buy the best selling product or the product with the most reviews?

Counterfeit And Bogus Supplements

Consumers also have to watch out for counterfeit and dangerous supplements. Some FDA reports show they have found over 800 supplements with illegal and banned drugs in them.

Even the BIG trusted retailers like Walmart, Target, GNC, Walgreens and Amazon have been caught selling bad supplements from shady companies.

Thankfully there are still some great products from great companies out there and we find them for you.

Reviews based on science and facts

Our team of highly experienced professionals takes finding the best supplements to new levels

We analyze thousands of studies on nutrition and supplementation to find out which ingredients, herbs and supplements are proven to be effective.

We’ve compared thousands of supplement labels from the top selling and most recommended products to determine which ones are best.

We look at how the products have been manufactured and tested to be sure the supplements we recommend do not have any impurities and meet label claims.

We have seen over 85% of review websites get it wrong. We review all their top recommended products and show you the truth.

We do not rely on consumer reviews because consumer reviews rarely indicate a best product.

We stay updated and provide you with all the latest research and new supplements as they become available.

The 8 Most Effective Supplements of 2020

Apple Cider Vinegar

Primary Use: Weight Loss, blood sugar control. MORE . . . .


Primary Use: Stress & Anxiety relief, Mood Enhancer. MORE . . . .

Primary Use: To prevent B-12 deficiency, Prevent Macular Degeneration. MORE . . . .


Primary Use: Improve Skin and help with Joint Issues. MORE . . . .


Primary Use: Joint Issues and Inflammation . MORE . . . .


Primary Use: CoQ10 plays a vital role in the production of energy in the body. MORE . . . .


Primary Use: Fight colds and flu. MORE . . . .


Primary Use: Gut health and whole body health. MORE . . . .