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Join our growing community of health conscious people and see for yourself why we're your one stop shop for health and nutritional supplement information..


Join our growing community of health conscious people and see for yourself why we're your one stop shop for health and nutritional supplement information..


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Our story

Sharing Our Passion For a Healthy Life Style

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Who We Are

Researching Supplements since 1993

We are a family owned and operated business managed by a  husband and wife team who both have many years of experience working in the health and fitness industry. 

I started working in the Supplement, Health and Fitness industry in 1993 at one of the largest health and fitness companies in North America at that time. What was already a passion for health and fitness grew into a career and now into my own company that puts peoples health and safety first.

My wife started at the same company shortly afterwards and together we now run SmartWays Health. 

Together, we have many years of combined experience in supplement research and development, supplement formulation, supplement production, supplement sales and marketing. 

For many years I was in a lead management position where I worked 9 to 5 researching and buying ten’s of millions of dollars worth of supplements and health and fitness products.

Our Why?

We are very unique in the supplement review category. We are the first and only website that basically shows you why many other supplement review websites are wrong and why many of them should not be trusted especially if your goal is to find and use the best supplement. And we can and do prove it over and over again with our comparison charts!

It’s not that we want to bash other review websites or the brands they promote. It’s just that we believe supplements are for your health, and when it comes to your health, we believe that people deserve better than what many supplement manufactures are producing and what most review websites are recommending!

In fact, I started this whole website as a side project because I saw a friend using a supplement that was crap (in my humble opinion). It took me 10 seconds to look at the label and know it was nearly useless. When I asked him why he choose that one he said it was highly recommended by some big supplement review website. That made me angry!

So I set out to find a better supplement for my friend and after a little research I quickly realized that most supplement review websites, even the ones endorsed or written by doctors, dieticians, and nutritionists were not recommending the best supplements. Many were actually recommending the same garbage supplements like my friend was using.

I’m no doctor or dietician, and I don’t expect people to just believe me because I say so, but my supplement comparison charts don’t lie and they can easily show you how wrong the Doctors, Dieticians and all those other so called guru’s actually are!

I found review websites recommending supplements from shady companies that had customer complaints on-line, supplements that were extremely low in active ingredients, supplements that were very expensive, supplements that were not tested properly, and supplements that lie or misrepresent what is actually in the bottle and even supplements that were independently tested and found to NOT meet the label claims.

Even when I looked at the top sellers and all the products with 5 star reviews on all the big websites I was surprised at the crap that people were buying and saying was good. It made no sense that 10,000 people gave a 5 star review to a supplement that had 1,500mg of active ingredient when it was so easy for me to find many other supplements that had over 30,000mg of active ingredient and were tested better and were a better price!

After seeing this I realized that most of today’s supplements sold on-line are inferior, cheaply made, heavily marketed, and nearly useless crap! And, unfortunately, it’s seams like it’s getting worse.

This made me I realize that millions of people are buying inferior supplements and that my many years of experience in the supplement industry could help people find a better supplement faster and easier.

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Our Goal

Helping people find better and safer supplements

Our goal is to simply save people time and money and to prevent them from buying inferior and useless products. 

If this changes the Health and Fitness industry, great! If not, at least we can help out thousands and maybe millions of people in the process.

You can help! Share us with your friends and family and help make a difference. After all, FRIENDS DON’T LET FRIENDS BUY BAD SUPPLEMENTS!